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He is the Man!!!

A thing or two about our Creative Head:


 Mr Vinay Haalgaar is the passionate founder of Our Memories studio. He was his gang's photographer since college days. He was fascinated by the idea of freezing a moment in time & cherish those memories forever. He genuinely believes that Memories are one of the Greatest Assets a Human can possess. He started his career as an Asst Director to Mr Yograj Bhat, now a famous Director in kannada movie industry..  As all struggling stories have it, he had to move out of it to sustain a living in this relatively demanding city.  He got into Sales & had a successful career of almost a decade in Banking & Insurance. But his passion towards Photography & Filmmaking kept him dreaming & after a lot of deliberation & planning, he decided to chase his Dream in 2010.  


As they say it, Rest is History..


In 2010 he started working as a Lead photographer and Studio Manager for a leading Studio in India for around 2 years and was a highly acclaimed photographer before he even established this creative house in 2013.  His expertise in shooting Family, Couple, Children, Maternity, Matrimonial portfolios and Glamour is second to none. Brides from across India look to Book him for capturing their Big wedding day.


He is blessed with a creative eye & is incredibly talented. He has been graced with skills to make you feel ‘You’ in front of his camera. 

If anyone ever thought that they are not comfortable in front of the camera, ask them to meet Mr Vinay once.  The perception of their own looks would change forever. Personally, he enjoys shooting kids. His original passion of shooting kids is what drove him to become a Professional photographer. 


His USP is his style of shooting. The way he communicates with the clients while shooting, itself is an experience. After experiencing his shoots, many clients who have experienced photoshoots across the Globe have expressed that Mr Vinay's shoots were way more meaningful & enjoyable. 

His unique Concept shoots made him stand apart in this competitive industry & got us 3 Awards that we are extremely proud of. 

More than these Awards, what keeps him going is his Customers' satisfaction. 

He works very hard to ensure that every client he ever serves, walks away with a memorable experience.


His experience in TV serials industry gave him the creative expertise. His experience in Banking & Insurance gave him the true service expertise. 

That is what made him to establish this successful creative house & we as a studio have shot more than 5000 shoots till date.


In summary,  Mr Vinay Haalgaar  is a master communicator, a very humble Gentleman, extremely service oriented Entrepreneur, an incredibly talented writer  & most importantly, an amazingly creative Photographer & Filmmaker. Since a decade, he is adored by his clients all over Bangalore. His Passion, creativity & excellent service attitude has made him one of the most sought after Portrait & Wedding Photographers in South India. Today, Our Memories Studio is known for it's world-class Wedding Photography, Event photography & Portrait Photography.

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